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Om First Card
First Card udstedes af Nordea Danmark, filial af Nordea Bank Abp, Finland, FO-nr. 2858394-9, Patent- och registerstyrelsen, CVR-nr. 25992180, København
Mobile Payment - easy and convenient
Now you can add your First Card to Apple Pay.

You probably already know Apple Pay. Now Nordea takes the lead with the launch of Apply Pay for company cards - as the first card provider in the Nordic region.

How to add First Card to Apple Pay:

Nordea customers
  • Open/download Nordea Wallet on your mobile; your First Card payment card will already be added.
  • Find the card and choose “Add to Apply Pay” – and you’re up and running.

Non-Nordea customers
  • Open Apple Wallet on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your card information and follow the instructions in the app.
  • Lastly, contact 24/7 customer service (manned with English-speaking Swedish staff). After answering a few simple security questions you will be able to use Apple Pay.

The below cards can all be added to Nordea/Apple Wallet
  • First Card Corporate
  • First Card Executive
  • First Card purchasing card

How to pay using Apple Pay
  • You can use Apple Pay in all stores that accept contactless cards; just hold your phone close to the terminal and Apple Pay will open automatically.
  • Your payment is authorised via finger touch or face recognition.
  • • If you have added several cards to Apply Pay, you can switch to the card you want by not accepting the payment until after you have chosen a card – then you avoid using your company card for personal spending and vice versa.

Google Pay: If you have any questions, please call our (Danish-speaking) First Card customer service team on +45 70 20 63 09 (weekdays 8.00-17.00).
First Card - Postboks 850 - 0900 København C - Tel. 70 20 63 09