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Om First Card
First Card udstedes af Nordea Danmark, filial af Nordea Bank Abp, Finland, FO-nr. 2858394-9, Patent- och registerstyrelsen, CVR-nr. 25992180, København
First Card app

This app is for anyone with a First Card and is available for iOS or Android devices.

If you have questions/comments about the app please send a message to: app.firstcard@nordea.com

The First Card app allows you as a cardholder to:
  • review uninvoiced and invoiced transactions
  • receive alerts when a purchase/withdrawal has been made with the card
  • categorize your transactions
  • read FAQ about your First Card and your card insurance
  • get in touch with customer service via phone or encrypted messaging
  • block lost cards via customer service
  • access offers and benefits
  • In order to use all features in the First Card app, you must log in.
    This is how you log in:
    • Log in with NemId. If you do not have NemId, you can request a password and log in at First Card online services (But you can't log in to the app)
    Without logging in, you can still see all relevant contact information for Customer Service and for our card blocking services

    More info about the app for you with a:
First Card - Postboks 850 - 0900 København C - Tel. 70 20 63 09