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Om First Card
First Card udstedes af Nordea Danmark, filial af Nordea Bank Abp, Finland, FO-nr. 2858394-9, Patent- och registerstyrelsen, CVR-nr. 25992180, København
Q&As Here we have gathered some of the questions often received by Customer Service. Before phoning us you may see if you can find your question below.

The card

What should I do to activate my First Card payment card?
The card is activated when you receive it.

How do I block my card?
Immediately call +45 70 20 63 09. You can block your cards around the clock.

How do I order a new First Card payment card?
Call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09 and we will send you a new card.

How do I change my address?
Log on to My Card Online and click on My Profile. If you need a logon code, you may order it from this page in the logon window. It is important to inform us of address changes as we are not automatically notified.

Should I contact First Card if I change my name?
If you have changed your name, you should inform First Card of your new name in writing so that we can order a new card for you. The fee for issuing a new card is DKK 100. We send the card to you by ordinary mail and you will receive the card within five business days.

My card is about to expire, will I receive a new card?
We will automatically send you a new card aprox. 1 month before the old card expires. PIN code and card number are unchanged.

How do I terminate my card?
If you want to terminate your First Card card, you should call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09. The card may also be terminated via My card Online.

What should I do if I have closed my card and it is registered with a subscription?
When buying services such as subscriptions, the cardholder must always make sure that the provider of the subscription is notified in writing when the cardholder no longer wishes to pay for the service with the First Card payment card.

Is it possible to get access to airport lounges or concierge service?
Yes, First Card offers First Card Executive which comprises these services. On the First Card Executive page you can read more about the card or you can call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09, and we will tell you more.

Which lounges do I have access to with my Priority Pass?
On www.prioritypass.com you can see the lounges that are included in the programme. To view a complete list of all lounges: Click here.

What is the daily limit on my card?
All First Card cards are issued with a fixed limit per month and not per day.

What does it cost to withdraw cash?
For cash withdrawals we charge a fee of 2% of the amount withdrawn per withdrawal, however, DKK 50 as a minimum. If you pay invoices at the bank or post office, or if you buy foreign currency, we charge the same fee.

I have forgotten my PIN for the card. How do I order a new PIN?
You contact First Card Customer Service and we order your old PIN for you again. Subsequently, it is sent to you by ordinary mail so that you receive it within approximately five business days. It will be sent to the same address as the card.

How many times can I enter a wrong PIN before the card is automatically blocked?
The card is automatically blocked after three consecutive wrong attempts during the life of the card. This means that the first two wrong PIN attempts may haven taken place a long time ago, but they are stored in the system. This is a security measure to prevent any swindlers from using the card. However, the wrong PIN attempts will be deleted when you have entered the correct PIN once. When we receive information that a card has been blocked, we automatically order a new card so that the cardholder need not call and order one. We do this to ensure that the customer is not without a card for a longer period of time. The cardholder is debited DKK 100 for the new card.

The website

I have forgotten my password for my My Card Online. How do I order a new password?
The easiest thing for you is to order a new password via this website firstcard.dk in the top corner under log on to First Card online services, subsequently send me a new password. Enter your name and personal identification number in this field. The password is sent to you by ordinary mail so that you receive it within approximately five business days. If you have difficulty ordering the password via the website, you should call First Card Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09, and we will help you with the order.

I cannot find an e-mail address to First Card, why not?
For security reasons all e-mail correspondence should be made via our encrypted channel: My Card Online. Log on to our self-service and to the tab Customer Service Here it will be possible via the First Card mailbox to write an e-mail or ask us to call you. You are also welcome to call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09, then we will help you.

Travel insurance

Where do I find the applicable insurance terms?
Insurance conditions First Card Corporate. Insurance conditions First Card Executive

First Card Corporate insurance conditions.
First Card Executive insurance conditions

Where do I find a claim form?
Download the claim form here.

How and for whom does the travel insurance policy apply?
Co-travelling family members (spouse/cohabitant/registered partner and own/their children under the age of 23) are also covered by the insurance.

FAQ regarding bankruptcy at airlines
Click here.

Invoices/ Objections

What should I do if there is an error in the invoice or if I want to make objections?
It is simpler and faster if you handle it yourself directly with the outlet with which you have traded. If the outlet cannot help you, you may contact First Card Customer Service which may help you create an objection. Objections cannot be made until the transaction has been invoiced and should be created within 14 days from the invoice date. The denial/objection form must be signed and sent to First Card within ten days. Otherwise, the cardholder will lose the right to make objections. You need not have the money outstanding as long as the objection is being processed. If it turns out later that the purchase is your purchase, we charge you an administration fee of DKK 75 via the invoice.
If your objection concerns car rental, hotels or flights, you must yourself contact the outlet and complain of the error. Most often the outlet acknowledges the error and credits your First Card. In such a situation it is therefore not necessary to contact Customer Service. On the other hand you may contact Customer Service if your own contact to the outlet does not give any result. Customer Service will then make an objection and on the submitted denial/objection form you should state why your own contact to the outlet did not give any result.

What do I do if I cannot recognise a purchase or my receipt shows another amount?
We do not keep any invoice copies, but we can contact the bank paying the invoice and ask for documentation of the purchase against a fee of DKK 75. Finding the documentation may take up to 30 days.

Can I get an invoice copy?
Individuals obtain their invoice copies free of charge on My Card Online. You order your company’s copies of a total invoice by calling Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09. Make sure you have the customer number and the invoice number ready.

Can I order a copy of a receipt?
Always keep your copy of the receipt, so that you can check your purchases on the invoice. If you need a copy of a receipt, you should contact the outlet which keeps them. If the outlet cannot help you, you may contact First Card Customer Service which may help you order a new copy of your receipt. We charge you an administration fee of DKK 75 and it usually takes approximately 14 days to procure a copy.

What do I do if I want to register my First Card invoices for Betalingsservice (direct debit)?
Email to First Card Customer Service by online services "My card Online" inform your sort code and account number. First Card then handles the registration for Betalingsservice (direct debit). Please note that it may take some time to process direct debit registrations. Until the payments appear from your statement of direct debits, you must pay the invoices sent to you. The latest date of payment appears from the invoice.

Which exchange rate applies to purchases made abroad?
When you make purchases abroad, the exchange rate is fixed by MasterCard International when the transaction reaches the clearing centre. The exchange rate is fixed once every day, but due to the time difference and the fact that the transactions are sent several time a day, several purchases made on the same day may have different exchange rates. A difference may arise as a result of rounding up of decimals as the transaction is first translated into USD and then into DKK, after which the currency margin is calculated. In connection with the conversion into DKK we charge an administrative margin of 2%. The margin is included in the exchange rate which you see on your invoice or on My Card Online.
More about currency conversion on here.

If I have an outstanding credit note, will the amount then be deducted on the next invoice?
As no account has been linked to First Card, the credit note will not automatically be set off against the new invoice. If you want the amount of the credit note to be deducted from the invoice, then you should contact First Card Customer Service which will set off the amount manually or pays the amount as a credit note.

Wrong trips have been debited to my invoice. What should I do?
If it is a travel agency that debits your trips on the First Card invoices, then you should always contact the travel agency if the invoice contains errors or if you wonder about something.

Why is VAT not stated for all purchases?
As First Card is not subject to VAT, the outlet is responsible for stating the correct VAT. First Card only shows the information received from the outlet. The VAT on the receipt serves as voucher in connection with the audit.

Administrator’s questions

Several persons in your company need to apply for cards - where do I find the applications?
As your company already has an agreement with First Card, you must use special applications. Call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09, then we help you find the right applications. See all of them here: Applications

How do I move card users between different customer numbers, cost centres or departments?
This information must come from the company’s administrator. Call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09, and have the account number of personal registration number ready.

How do I change the linkage to cost centres and departments?
If the number of cost centres/departments is below five, please call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09. If the number exceeds five, this should be done in writing.

How do I change invoice model?
The administrator can call or write to Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09. Customer Service are experts in finding the invoice model which best suits the structure of your company. To see a selection of invoice models you can read more in our invoice leaflet, which you find by clicking here.

How do I change the company’s invoicing address?
Call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09. Please let us know if you want a specific attention person to be stated on the invoice.

How do I change the company’s address?
This should be done in writing and a copy from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency should be attached.

An employee has stopped working for the company - what should I do with his or her First Card card?
The card must be terminated - shred it and throw it away. Please note that in case of a First Card Executive card, the Priority Pass must also be shredded. Subsequently, you call Customer Service on +45 70 20 63 09.
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